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    The Film Industry and European Culture

    The film industry has a special place in the heart of Europeans. Europe’s cultural diversity has long inspired film-makers and served as a setting for iconic film classics. Many films illustrate historically important events such as human technological or social breakthroughs, revolutions or wars, and; they bring to life Europe’s literary classics as well as the writers behind them; and they take visual representations of Europe’s unique land- and cityscapes to passionate audiences all over the world.

    Just think of global bestsellers like My Fair Lady in the 1960s, starring the iconic Audrey Hepburn. A 20th century Cinderella story about the transformation of a poor but beautiful flower seller from one of London roughest neighbourhoods, it is also a social study of the UK’s economic transformation at the turn of the century.  Since then, European literary classics have continued to be adapted successfully for the big screen: the French 18th century novel Dangerous Liaisons; Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations; JK Rowling’s Harry Potter which became a massive global hit. World War Two has inspired many important films such as Stalingrad.

    The film industry thus plays a vital role in helping to keep European culture alive, ensuring it will evolve for generations to come by nurturing new talents and promoting established ones – not just in Europe, but throughout the world.

    Behind the Scenes

    Making movies requires many talents and different jobs. For that reason the MPA cooperates with many gifted players in Europe to produce the best possible movies for audiences across the world. Click on the picture below for an info-graphic from Creativity Works! outlining the numerous steps of making a film.

    How To Make A Film


    Other initiatives

    MPA members are members of the Industry Trust, the UK film, TV and video industry’s consumer education body, promoting the value of copyright and creativity.

    MPA members support initiatives such as Generation Numerique in France which help teachers communicate with parents and their students on issues at the digital era.

    In Italy, MPA was one of the sponsors of Il Protagonista, an online campaign launched in partnership with YouTube. The objective is to focus the users’ attention on the importance of copyright by highlighting and promoting the cinema’s positive values, creativity, and stories. Follow the project on its Facebook page.